Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Annual Meeting of Shareholders


The 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders was held on April 26, 2023. An announcement about the 2024 Annual Meeting is pending. 



The Record Date for determining eligibility to vote at the 2023 Annual Meeting was February 28, 2023. The Notice of Annual Meeting, Proxy Statement, and Form of Proxy were distributed and made available on or about March 13, 2023, to all shareholders entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting. 





VOTING HAS CLOSED FOR 2023.  The following items were approved on April 26, 2023, during the Annual Meeting of Shareholders. 

  • 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • Proposal 1: Election of Directors, who will serve a three-year term, Jeffery C. Baker, Betty A. Bauder Horras, and Patrick Hagan. 
  • Proposal 2: To hold an advisory vote to approve the compensation of the Company's named executive officers as disclosed in the Proxy Statement. 
  • Proposal 3: To hold an advisory vote on whether future shareholder advisory votes for approval of executive compensation should be held every one, two or three years. A majority of shareholder proxy votes received were for three years. Future shareholder votes for approval of executive compensation are to be held every three years. 
  • Proposal 4: To ratify the appointment of FORVIS as the Company's auditor for 2023. 



The live webcast has ended. If we did not have time to address your question during the Annual Meeting or you would like additional information, you are welcome to email us at: [email protected]



In the interest of a constructive meeting, and in order that all shareholders who wish to raise questions or make comments have a reasonable opportunity to do so, please observe the following rules of conduct during Ames National Corporation's annual meeting of shareholders:

  1. Shareholders as of the Record Date or their valid proxy holders will be able to participate in the annual meeting, including to vote and submit questions during the meeting. If you have submitted your proxy prior to the start of the meeting, your vote has been received by Ames National Corporation's Inspector of Election, and there is no need to vote those shares again during the annual meeting, unless you wish to change your vote.
  2. The only business to be conducted at the annual meeting are the matters set forth in Ames National Corporation's 2023 Notice of Meeting and Proxy Statement.
  3. Shareholder questions pertinent to Company matters will be addressed as time allows during the meeting. To address questions from as many shareholders as possible during the meeting, we will limit each shareholder to three questions. If a shareholder submits more than one question, we may address only one of those questions and respond to questions submitted by other shareholders before addressing the additional questions.
  4. Questions should be briefly stated in one to two sentences; lengthy questions may be paraphrased or summarized.
  5. Questions from multiple shareholders on the same topic or that are otherwise related may be grouped, summarized, and answered together.
  6. Shareholder questions on the matters to be voted on by shareholders at the meeting should be submitted before or as those matters are presented. We will address questions pertinent to matters to be voted on by shareholders before voting is complete and the polls closed.
  7. Following adjournment of the formal business of the meeting, we will address general questions from shareholders pertinent to Ames National Corporation's business.
  8. Shareholder questions related to personal or customer-related matters will be referred to an Investor Relations representative for response following the annual meeting. We encourage customers to call 515-232-6251 or email [email protected] for direct, personalized assistance or additional information. Questions that are not pertinent to company matters, or that contain derogatory references to individuals, use offensive language, or are otherwise out of order or not suitable for the conduct of the annual meeting will not be addressed.
  9.  In the event of a technical malfunction or other disruption that interferes with the ability to continue the meeting, the Chairman may adjourn, recess, or expedite the meeting or take such other action that the Chair determines to be appropriate under the circumstances. If the meeting is adjourned or recessed, we will post additional information on this website.
  10. Audio or video recording of the annual meeting webcast or replay is prohibited.